About Anak Kereta

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Anak Kereta came from an anxiety and uncomfortable feeling of using public transportation.

Yuntango is a train enthusiast who falls in love with solo traveling. She started to write when she was 13. But, she decided to make blog in 16. 

At the end of 2018, she decided to make Anak Kereta to share her rail journeys and spread positive vibes of commuting with public transportation. She hopes it will be a small step to make better public transportation in Indonesia.

She knows, she can’t do it by herself to make it comes true. That’s why she needs your small contribution to make a convenience public transportation. So, would you like to help her?

Another Yuntango's Keywords

Kinder Joy

She's short and she looks like ordinary in general. But, once she opens herself, she will be surprising you like you get a Kinder Joy with chocolate in one side, and "something exciting" in other side.


She is fulled with curiosity. She easily gets interested to something, but she get bored in a glance.


She loves to eat fruits. And her stomach always gives place for them even in the full condition.